Weekend Adventures

This weekend was all about flying. It started with a quick 10 minute flight to Peter O’Knight Airport for the AOPA fly-in. For the size of the fly-in it was pretty busy. There were airplanes of all shapes and sizes. The icon A5 was doing demo flight to those lucky enough to get a spot, safety seminars, exhibitors, and statistic displays. We stayed long enough to visit with all our friends and touch all the airplanes. The weather started to come in and we raced back home just before the rain.
Saturday morning we got up early to do some drone work for a company my boyfriend is working for. This was my first experience with having the responsibility of watching the drone. I learned I’m not very good at tracking it went it gets really far away, but I gave it my best effort.
Sunday was more flying. We set off to Lantana Airport (KLAN) to pick up a friend. It was very windy, but once we got up to our altitude it was smooth as glass. The airport was very quite aside from a few helicopters doing training from the local flight school.
Thank God for Uber Eats. We were so hungry after flying and there wasn’t anything close by. So we order Jimmy John sandwiches. I don’t know if it was the store fault or the Uber Driver picked up the wrong bag, but we ended up with three sandwiches instead of two. I wasn’t mad about it.
On our way back to Tampa the sun was beginning to set over the gulf. Once on the ground it was freezing outside (for Florida anyway). We packed the airplane away and when home to snack on our bonus Jimmy John sandwich and prepare for what the week has in store.

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