2020 Resolutions

I am a big fan of to-do lists. I enjoy writing things down and the satisfaction of crossing them off. This is a new decade and new year. When I look back at the previous 10 years I accomplished so much; graduated from college (twice), earned my commercial and instrument rating in a single engine land airplane, found myself in careers I hated and eventually found the one I love. 
This year I am also moving into a new decade of life. Gone are the days of being a careless 20-something. I’ve made mistakes (and will continue too) but the expatiation for the 30s are much higher. I’m excited to see where i’ll be ten years from now. I want to continue to move up in my place of work, possibly start a side business and purchase a home. As I’m writing this, I feel I will laugh at myself 10 years from now. I hope to look at these goals and think they are just the beginning of much bigger things. This is why I want to continue writing my thoughts down. To show progression and change in myself. 
Back to this years resolutions. They are as follows…
1. Save.Save.Save 
Saving is a goal at the top of the list every year. Each year I try to make it a little higher. This years goal is $8,000. That maybe a lot to some or not a lot at all to others. I am naturally a saver as apposed to a spender. I have a big trip planned for the fall and other purchases, that will be mentioned further down the list. These additional things will make saving a little tighter than the past. Hopefully, it will keep me focused on the things I really want verses impulsive buys, like new shoes I don’t need (but really, really want) or ordering take-out when there’s food in the fridge. I feel having at the very least an emergency fund for pop-up bills / things-have-hit-the-fan is a goal everyone should strive for. I’m not a financial adviser, do what you gotta do. 
2. Pay Off One Student Loan
This was a goal I was able to scratch off the list last year. Oh man was it the epitome of bittersweet. I was so excited to have extra money in my bank account every month, but also a large chunk of my savings was gone. I don’t know the proper way to pay off debt (again, not a financial adviser). I prefer to save enough to pay off the lone in one go. I still make the monthly payment, but just the minimum. I’ve been told I should pay as much as I can each month.That method makes me nervous because if something happens i.g I move, car craps out, I get sick ect. I want to have the security. Either way, one of the remaining three are going down this year. 
3. Visit One New Country
This is where my savings plan will take a hit. Aaron and I are planning to attend Oktoberfest 2020! As of right now we have booked nothing. Oktoberfest will be the main event we will attend; all dates are circulating around the closing ceremonies. Aaron and I have already visited Germany in 2017, so that will not be a new country for us to visit. We are hoping to spend time in more than one new country. When we looked at flights this weekend Italy, England, Spain and Croatia were possible contenders. This trip planning will be seen in additional post. Everything is clearly up in the air. 
Paris 2017
Germany 2017
Cuba 2018
4. Update Passport
This one goes hand-in-hand with visiting other countries. This is something I could easily put off. So it made the list. I have everything in order and ready to send. I just haven’t ran into my CBP officer at the airport. 
5. Make Dentist Appointment  
I am way over due for a dentist appointment. I don’t like going to the doctors, period. As an effort to promote self care I need to take the plunge and make the appointment.  The alternative motive behind this is I would as like a consultation for Invisalign. I had braces as a kid. My teeth are pretty straight, but after years without a retainer my teeth are starting to shift. Thanks mom and dad for the first go around on perfecting my smile; the second round is on me. 
6. Post Regularly On This Blog
I started this blog to share things I find fun and to write down the memories I’ve made. I also want to become a stronger writer and build a community of people who like the same things as me. I have Tuesdays and Wednesdays off and plenty of free time. Writing will not only fill the time, but serve as a creative outlet 
This is only the second post this year and a grand total of 4 people have viewed my last post. But in an effort to prompt even one reader; what are your 2020 goals? Do you have similar goals or focusing on something different?

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