January Purchases

January is usually a hard month for retailers. Coming off the high of holiday shopping, the stores are left with discount Christmas chocolates and gift sets that didn’t make it under the Christmas Tree. 
I am difficult to shop for at anytime of year. I don’t like a lot of things and the things I do like, I end up buying for myself throughout the year. I personally love gift cards and I was fortunate to receive one for J.Crew this year. Knowing they would have an after Christmas sale; I took full advantage. 
First up, these cute hoop earrings. I usually only wear stud earrings. This is me stepping out of my comfort zone. I wanted to branch out with something a little more sparkly and a little bit of dangle. These checked both of those boxes. My ears are very sensitive to nickle and I’m happy they have not caused me any irritation. 

I know we are in the coldest month of the year. Florida doesn’t subscribe to temperatures below 50 degrees. This top made me happy with all the colors and the high neck. It is lined, which I didn’t realize, but I’m happy I don’t have to fight with an under shirt to make it daytime appropriate. I can’t wait to wear this for my next date night or casual outing. 

When I was in D.C this past December I looked at several knit hats, gloves, and scarves in the boutique shops. None of which I fully liked. This hat and scarf I overlooked when scrolling through the sale items. I kept thinking it was cute, but a little to patriotic for my liking. I finally took a closer look and realized what I thought was blue is really dark grey. So, so happy I bought both these items. I’m going to be the warmest person around. I probably wont be able to use them until next year or I travel somewhere cold. But I’ll be ready when I do. 

Lastly, this swimsuit. I didn’t need. I rarely go to the beach or pool. I am a sucker for matching couples outfits. Aaron was looking for an outfit for Gasparilla and we walked into Chubbies. He found an outfit in this print and the sales associate pointed out women’s swim was on super sale. They had this print in a swimsuit. I was sold. There swimsuits runs small. I sized up to a medium. 
They were also nice enough to throw in this cooler tote bag and matching croakies. On the off chance I end up going to the beach I will be prepared. 
What an odd mix of winter wear and summer swim. This time of year is really when people seem to be over the cold and gray skies and start looking forward to warmer weather. I’m currently prepared for both. πŸ™‚

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