Decorating on a Budget

I’ve been on a DIY home decor mood lately. YouTube videos of IKEA hacks and thrift store finds being repurposed into modern day decor has been my jam. Like any normal woman of the 21st century, I then headed over the Pinterest to pin inspo pictures until my heart was content. 
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Most of the inspiration pictures I pinned had this boho vibe. The above picture has all the elements I like color, texture, & plants.  The focal point is the collection of baskets hanging over the couch. I knew over time I could find these items in my local thrift stores. I really enjoyed the hunting process of looking for different textured, shaped, and colored baskets. Sometimes I would find 1 or 2 baskets. More often than not, I wouldn’t’ find anything. After 5 months of collecting, I’ve finally achieved my goal!
Here’s the area I wanted to decorate. There isn’t much going on. It is the largest blank area in the room and I wanted to make it feel more cozy and inviting. As well as, hide the outlet and some of my bulkier shoes.  
Step one: add a small bench to act as storage and additional seating. I have to admit, I almost bought a bench similar to this from Target, but it was $95. I couldn’t bring myself to pull the trigger. So imagination my surprise when I stumbled upon this at Goodwill for $40. I literally jumped up and down when I found it. The sales lady at check out even complemented my find. And that’s when you know you’ve made a good purchase. 
While I was cruising through the Goodwill home decor knick-knacks, I found a set of 6 woven disc for $2.65. These were exactly what I needed to complete my wall collage. I also when to the hardware store to buy some wood stain. I wanted them to be a little brighter, so I purchased a very light golden stain and removed a few rows of the weaving to give them a little more design and interest. 
Here’s the finial product! I’m pretty proud of myself for collecting all of these items and making it come to life. I estimate the whole project was completed for under $60 (the bench was the majority of the budget). Considering Amazon sells one woven basket for $30-$40 dollars, I would say I did really well. 

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