How I spent 3 days in Key West

Being born and raised in Florida, traveling to Key West is like the pilgrimage to Mecca; you have to go at least once in your life. I can’t believe it’s taken me 31 years to make it there, and of all the times to go, I decided to go in the middle of this never-ending […]

The Easiest Biscuit Recipe of Your Life

Growing up my mom cooked almost five nights a week. Freshly baked biscuits were always a staple around the dinner table. Nothing was better than eating a warm biscuit with my grandmother’s homemade plum jam. Biscuits were also a must for any meals served with gravy. Remembering these fond memories I had of hot biscuits […]

Monthly Round-Up: Rose & Thorns – September 2020

Rose – It’s that time of year when the grocery store isles turn orange with pumpkin spiced flavored everything. While I haven’t taken a deep dive into buying everything in pumpkin spice; I have bought every pumpkin spiced coffee creamer available. I know this is excessive. The eye-rolling cashier made me think I may have […]

Packing for a 3 Day Vacation in Key West

Over the years I have made a conscious effort to become a light packer for vacations. Want to dip your toe into not packing the kitchen sink for a getaway? A warm-weather vacation is a great start. Even though the clothes and shoes are less bulky; that doesn’t mean packing six pairs of sandals should […]

DIY: Clay Magnets

Have you ever been so consumed by a television show you find yourself thinking about the characters throughout the day? I was recently engrossed by the show Yellowstone, which just ended its third season. Based in Montana, a sixth-generation cattle rancher, John Dutton, fights to keep his ranch from encroaching corporations and Indian Reservation looking […]

Good Till the Last Drop – September Empties

While cleaning my bathroom a few weeks ago I noticed I’ve accumulated a number of half-empty (or half full, depending on your outlook on life) products. I found myself hoarding some of these products for special occasions. While other products, I completely forgot about, and as a result, sat in the medicine cabinet collecting dust. […]

Thrift vs. Retail – Fall Wardrobe Refresh

I love thrifting. I love digging through racks of clothing or rummaging through shelves of knick-knacks. It’s the thrill of the unknown: Will I find the antique mirror of my dreams? Do I need six emerald green glass goblets for my morning orange juice? How many Christmas sweaters are too many? Finding a deal on […]


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