Cookies During COVID

As we approach almost a month in isolation, finding things to occupy our time has been difficult. There’s only so much Netflix, YouTube, and going on walks a person can do. I’ve personally turned to baking as my drug of choice. It has helped me focus on doing a task and the result is tasty.
I’ve dusted off my Kitchen Aid to bake cookies for my sanity and to the detriment of my coworkers waistline. I started off with the most classic cookie: Chocolate Chip. I followed this recipe. Hot tips to follow when baking chocolate chip cookies 1. the butter must be soft. Like you left it out on the counter all day kind of soft. For the love of god don’t microwave it. 2. Take them out of the oven when they still look under cooked. They should look like Salmonella could possibly still be living in them.
Lastly, I used a dark cookie sheet (left side) and a light airbake cookie sheet (right side). Lesson learned the type of cookie sheet matters, but I did it for science.
After warming up my baking skill with chocolate chip I moved on to something a little less basic: Lemon & Lime Crinkle Cookies. The original recipe (found here) is just for lemon, but while in the grocery store I decided I would also attempt to make a lime flavor as well. Key Lime Pie is Aaron’s favorite dessert and cookie exchanges during the Holiday season is probably one of his top 5 things he looks forward too each year. I figured if I could nail this lime cookie it could be my go to for special events, birthday cookies, thank you cookies, just because cookies, I feel like making cookies cookies, etc.
I zested two limes and added one and a half limes worth of juice. It was more than the two tablespoons of juice it called for and in the end I think I could have added more. The lime flavor was there, but more is more.
Rose and thorns when it comes to making these cookies.
Rose: They taste so good. They’re light and soft. The recipe is very easy to whip up and leave in the freezer until they are needed. The office folks love them. My coworkers were like a swarm of locust on a crop of corn.
Thorns: The powered sugar kept melting into the cookies before I could get them into the oven. Next time I’m going to roll them in powered sugar and put them back into the freezer before baking. I’m not a food stylist and I didn’t want to add food coloring to the cookies to make them green or yellow. But after the lemon and the lime cookie were done baking, it was impossible to tell them apart just by looking at them. Maybe more zest could be added or add some on top before they are popped into the oven.

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