Monthly Round-Up: Rose & Thorns – September 2020

Rose – It’s that time of year when the grocery store isles turn orange with pumpkin spiced flavored everything. While I haven’t taken a deep dive into buying everything in pumpkin spice; I have bought every pumpkin spiced coffee creamer available. I know this is excessive. The eye-rolling cashier made me think I may have gone overboard. If something as simple as coffee creamer brings me joy, let me live in bliss. 

I thought about doing a whole blog post ranking my favorite pumpkin coffee creamers. Instead, I decided to give the cliffs notes version. Ranked from favorite to least favorite: Starbucks, Chobani, Califia Farms, Coffee-Mate. Go forth and collect them all.

Thorn – Nothing is quite as irritating as the tire pressure light illuminating after a long day at work. It’s especially annoying when the tires are only three months old. Not wanting to play the guessing game of what the issue could be, I spent my day off sitting at the car dealership drinking complimentary coffee and eavesdropping on service representatives breaking bad news to other customers with car issues. One guy spilled five gallons of fuel in the trunk of his car. He had to replace the entire lining for $1000. Luckily for me, I got out of there with just a nail in my tire. 

Rose – I bought a condo! This is my first time purchasing a home and I couldn’t be more excited. This week has had many sleepless nights due to the anticipation and excitement of every step in this process. There will be a full play-by-play blog post on this once I’ve closed. As of this post, I have just completed the home inspection. My realtor is working with the seller to have some items fixed or replaced. If everything goes as planned closing should happen on the 21st of October. Until then, I will be over on Pinterest pinning all my home decor inspo. 

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