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A whole new world of thrifting has opening up since purchasing the condo. Until now, I’ve never needed to look for decorative items or had the need to fully design a space that reflected my style. So over the past month, I’ve made several voyages to local thrift stores scavenging for lost treasures. The thrifting Gods have been good to me as of late. I’ve been able to source both practical items and stylish pieces to make my space feel like a home.

My first mission was to find kitchen utensils and accessories. Up until this point I owned one set of chopsticks and a cast iron skillet for my cooking needs. The list of needs seemed to grow every time I tried to eat. Thankfully, the first thrift store I stopped in was packed with new and gently used kitchen items.

Total cost $25

I’m not one for trendy kitchen wear. A simple silver spoon and fork will do. I scored these black utensils for a quarter a piece. This thrift store had two large boxes full of mixed cutlery. I saw many of the black handles poking out and decided to separate them out in hope it would make a full set. Much to my surprise, there were almost enough to make two full sets of silverware. Sold!

I then moved on to larger section where I found the red pot. Prefect for cooking pasta and Raman noodles. The assorted wooden spoons aren’t so much for cooking, as they are a decorating idea. I have a small wall in the kitchen I want to make a collage of spoons hanging from floor to ceiling. I still have a long way to go but this has been a fun item to hunt for every time I pop into a store.

Eventually, I would like to fill this small wall with wooden spoons

On the rare occasion I do have guest over, I will be prepared with my decorative charcuterie board! When it’s not adorned with a verity of cheese and meats it will act as a beautiful decorative piece on the counter. This item was brand new, in it’s cling wrap and came with the two small serving knifes. How could I say no?


I’m never a big fan of glass wear. The glassware aisle is usually filled with novelty cups from theme parks or random holiday mugs. I usually skip this section all together. Since I was having so much success in this thrift store, I figured there might be one last hidden gem for me to find before going to the checkout counter. I was right! Six shot glasses with measurements conversions on the side. I can now make shots with the perfect ratio of ingredients. Between my charcuterie board and these shot glasses, I’m fully prepared for a housewarming party.


The following week I had some extra time before a dentist appointment and decided to stop by my all time favorite thrift store, Sunshine Thrift. This is my go to stop for clothing and knickknacks. The prices are excellent and the deals are even better if the item matches the half off color of the day.

The unintended theme for this stop was organization. The white wire rack was bought with the intention to organize storage containers. It works perfectly! The additional high makes it easier to see everything in one small space. The Universe was looking out for me when I found the utensil organizer. My new spoons, forks, and knives are now neatly segregated in their prospective slots; instead of a the jumbled mess in the drawer. I added two additional spoons for the future spoon wall and a basket for my basket collage. (I did a full blog on the basket wall found HERE).

The three superstar items I picked up were the table top mirror, silver wire basket, and the black glass bowl. The table top mirror looked brand new and it was placed on the shelf by an employee just as I was walking down the aisle. (When you see something good you gotta grab it fast). I’ve used this mirror every night since. I don’t know how I lived without it for so long.

The silver bowl caught my eye because it looked like an antique. There was a small sticker that said, “Gorham Silver Original”. Hoping I may have found a piece of Paul Revere’s lost silver collection, I quickly searched goggle. It was not. But it was worth more than the $6 the thrift store was asking and if I buy a bottle of polish, I’m sure it will look brand new.

The small black glass bowl was among a collection of other colored glass. I’m used to seeing brightly colored pieces in the thrift store, but the opaqueness of this glass was truly unique. It also had a older vintage look, making it impossible not to take it home.

What do you think of my thrift haul? If you love thrifting as much as I do, please tell me your best thrift find!

20 thoughts on “Home Décor Thrift Haul

  1. Thrift stores are amazing. I look there first before I go anywhere else. I’ve also found junk stores are excellent places to shop. You can do a lot of repurposing at these places.

  2. It’s another form of recycling, so I’m all for it. I once found a dress at a garage sale that got me compliments every time I wore it. A good $2 investment. Thanks, Karissa.

  3. When I was married, my then wife discovered thrift store finds that she could sell on eBay. Some netted quite the return. Downside: place filled with clutter but the extra cash came in handy. Thrift shops are a great way to shop for the cost conscious and the monet spent helps others.

    1. It really is a tresure hunt. Thrifting is a win-win, you can find inexpensive things and the money (most of the time) goes to a good cause.

    1. Thank you for reading my post! I find thrifting to be relaxing. I focus on discovering unique pieces and how they can be purposeful.

      But I’ll continue to be a resource for readers (like yourself) to see what gems can be uncovered, without the hazzle of rummaging through the aisles. 🙂

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