DIY: Heart Bobby Pins For Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day! If you’re looking to wear a little bit of Valentine flair, I’ve created a quick and easy DIY to display hearts in your hair or on your sleeve for this special day of love.

Supplies – Felt Hearts, Hot Glue, and Bobby Pins

I started by separating the hearts by size. The hearts felt one dimensional on their own, so I stacked them from largest to smallest, alternating colors. Once I organized the hearts in the color pattern I liked, I glued them together; I didn’t realize I could remove the paper on the back, revealing a sticky adhesive. This could have saved me some time and burned my fingertips. The hot glue wasn’t all for nothing though, I did need it to attach the bobby pins. To create more options when styling my hair, I glued both horizontal and vertical pins. I was careful not to glob too much glue on the back, which would encase the hairpin making it difficult to open once the glue was dry.

I took my Valentine’s flair a step further by adding some leftover hearts to a pink sweater. Once I discovered the adhesive surprise on the back, the sky was the limit to what I could attach them to. I only attached hearts in sets of two rather than the full stack of three on the sweater, for contrast.   

When I envisioned taking the above photo, I wanted as many hearts in my hair as possible. I think I might be watching too much RuPaul’s Drag Race lately; I wanted a full valentine’s-photo-fantasy! I’m so happy with how it turned out! 

Add a bit of fun to your look for valentine’s day, warm up your hot glue gun and make a few festive heart bobby pins for yourself. Don’t forget to check out last week’s post for five at-home date night ideas.

Happy Valentine’s Day! 

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