Monthly Round-Up: Rose & Thorns – February 2021

The shortest month of the year has come and gone. I honestly was so distracted by the anticipation of going on vacation I don’t know where the time went. Hopefully, when this post goes live I’ll be returning from my vacation to Hawaii. Next month’s post will be covering how we navigated traveling during Covid and the places we visited. But for now, let’s recap the month of love, February!

Rose: I was unintentionally productive this month. As I scroll through photos on my phone I’m reminded of all the things I did. I was ahead of schedule for writing and scheduling posts this month. Taking the time to plan out when and what I wanted to post really helped me feel organized, which allowed me to just focus on writing and creating.  

In the home department, I installed pegs to hang bags and coats in my front entrance. They look surprisingly high quality for wall hooks I found in the dollar section at Target. The best part, I didn’t cuss not one time while trying to level and evenly space the pegs. I’d say that’s a win. 


Thorn: I like to think of myself as a plant lady. My grandmother taught me all of her tricks to growing and caring for all types of plants. However, this month I’ve been a plant killer. I’ve been fighting with my majesty palm for months. It’s moved to every corner of my condo, watered and fertilized, and it still refuses to live. I feel like Ryan Gossling in the Notebook asking this plant, What do you want? What. do. you want? It’s not just my palm on the struggle bus this month. My calathea plant withered up and died as well. Admittedly, I forgot about this plant. It didn’t require a lot of attention and I forgot to water it. When I did try to revive it, it was too late. I found it lying lifeless, leaves shriveled up like it hadn’t seen water in months. Such a dramatic plant. It had only been three weeks. I guess this means I have a trip to my local nursery in my future.


Rose: In anticipation of my upcoming trip I stocked up on items missing in my wardrobe. There was a deficit of cute swimwear, tropical masks, and packing cubes missing from my life. I pleasantly surprised at the quality of everything I ordered. 

1. Red Swimsuit – I ordered a size small
2. White Swimsuit – I order size small
3. Packing Cubes – Lifetime warranty. These make packing 10x easier!
4. Beach Sarongs – Comes in a two-pack. Simple & versatile
5. Flamingo Mask – Includes a filter
6. Floral Mask – Very comfortable on the face
7. Braided Belt – Ordered size small. Real leather. Pairs perfectly with high-waisted pants

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  1. Nice post! Also, I really love the simplicity and accessibility of your site. What “theme” have you used in your design? And what plug-in have you used to ask folks to subscribe (I have!)? Thanks for any tips. ~ Kelly

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    1. Thank you so much for reading and subscribing! I use the Olsen theme with the Premium plan. I’m probably going to upgraded to the Business plan so I can have access to plug-ins soon.

      1. I’m not sure what you mean? I post regularly (every Sunday) and also post on my Instagram stories when new posts are up. The subscriber box on my home page is a widget I added on to the page. People can either add their email or click subscribe if they are WordPress users. I hope that is helpful.

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