Keep Cool & Look Cool While Camping This Summer

Summer in Florida can be brutal, but that does stop millions of people from visiting the Sunshine state every year. Recently, I decided to enjoy the beautiful Florida landscape by going on a camping trip to historic Fort Desoto Park. While the highs for the day reached the upper eighties, I kept cool and looked cool while camping this summer. 

Setting Up Camp

Tent setup was no easy job. I peeled my brand new tent from its box and began to separate the different components. With only the guidance from the picture on the box, I fumbled through attaching the support rods. I stood back to admire my work; it looked structurally sound to me. 


By the time my temporary home was habitable, the sun was high overhead. I felt like an ant under the searing focused sunlight from a magnifying glass wielded by a cackling 6-year-old boy. Thankfully, unlike the ant, I dressed for the task. Wearing 9-inch biker shorts and a lightweight 4-way stretch scooped neck t-shirt provided ample reprieve from the sun’s roasting rays and kept me cool and dry without compromising mobility or comfort. 

Camping with 32 Degrees bike short and fitted scooped neck t-shirt

When I finished setting up camp, I hiked along the paths and biked around the fort without feeling the need to change clothes. I can’t promise I smelled great at this point, but hey, that’s what camping is all about. 

Nighttime Relaxation Around The Campfire 

Reserving a campsite at Fort Desoto is competitive. My campsite neighbors for the weekend booked their spot six months in advance. I lucked out and just a week in advance I was able to book a waterfront site that so perfectly framed the sun disappearing over the water’s edge even Guy Harvey would be jealous. With my beach chair in the water, I watched boats pass by with their small wake that would eventually ripple its way to my feet. As I sat soaking in the last bit of sunlight, the fiddler crabs began to cautiously scurry from the sand to welcome the quickly approaching dusk. 


Later in the evening, as the temperature dropped and the campsites came alive with small gatherings around fire pits, I changed into a cozy set of midweight joggers and a high neck ribbed tank. These cozy twill knit joggers are easy to pull on and offer the perfect amount of snuggle for keeping the cool summer chill off your skin after a shower. The high neck ribbed tank is ideal for any camping occasion and I honestly love the cut of this tank top. The fabric is lightweight and soft as a kitten’s belly; it’s simply sublime. I wore mine at night, but it can just as easily be paired with shorts for any daytime adventure. 

Camping with 32 Degrees joggers and high neck ribbed tank

Packing Up the Campsite 

Up before the sun and not wanting to start breaking down the campsite after a relaxing weekend; I took one last jog around the park. The air had cooled overnight, so I  needed something to keep the chill away; I decided to wear my bike shorts, racerback tank, and a light windbreaker. The racerback tank is perfect for wicking away moisture and is loose enough to not cling to the skin. I liked the balance of a loose-fitting top and tighter shorts on the bottom while on a run. The lightweight windbreaker was a must to motivate me to start my warm-up; not too tight, it kept the breeze out while still letting in some fresh air. On days where the weather is just a bit too chilly to go without a jacket, or you need something light to run to the grocery store, this jacket is a go-to!  

Camping with 32 Degrees racerback tank and light windbreaker.

The clothing for this camping trip was kindly gifted by 32 Degrees. I have been sporting 32 Degrees for years, across every season; both their activewear and loungewear. Their products are incredibly comfortable, and the quality and price are unmatched. I’ve bought many Cool Scoop Tees and T-shirt dresses for years that look just as new as the day I bought them. If you love comfortable activewear and loungewear, please check out their website at and follow them @32degreesofficial on Instagram for sale alerts and new arrivals. 

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