20 Questions With Karissa

Do You Have Any Upcoming Trips Planned?

I do! In October, Aaron and I are planning to camp in the Yellowstone National Park. This will be our first time camping together and the most time we’ve spent exploring one National Park. I’m nervous and excited. 

Current Favorite TV Show?

My current favorite show is Ted Lasso on Apple+. Me explaining the plot of the show isn’t doing it justice. Just trust me, it’s a great show that leaves me smiling after every episode. 

Your Favorite Place You’ve Traveled?

My road trip through France with Aaron in 2017. Looking back on that trip, we crammed so many memories into one week of driving. We started in Paris, drove West to Normandy, stopped by Mont Saint Michel, sipped champagne in the region of champagne, toured the Maginot Line, and then continued into Germany. All of this driving was in a Fiat 500. Now every time I see a little Fiat on the road I’m always remind of the memories from this trip. 

What Habit Do You Wish You Didn’t Have?

I’m a big procrastinator. As I sit and write this post, I’m waiting until the last minute to answer a few remaining questions. Some days are better than others on how motivated I feel. I have found listing chores or task in a to-do list really helps me accomplish goals I set for myself. 


When Traveling, Do You Prefer Touristy Spots Or Hidden Gems?

I prefer hidden gems. I understand you can’t go to Paris without seeing the Arc de Triomphe and the Eiffel Tower, but I don’t need to wait in line to stand at the top of it. I’m perfectly happy walking by these landmarks, as I search for spots recommended by the locals. 

What’s The Best Concert You’ve Ever Been To?

Garth Brooks stadium concert in Knoxville. 

What’s Your Love Language? 

Words of Affirmation 40%, Acts of Service 27%, Quality Time 17%, Physical Touch 10%, Gifts 7%. You can take the love language quiz HERE.

What’s Is Your Superpower?

I’m an incredibly patient person. If I was a participant in the Sanford Marshmallow Experiment as a kid, I would probably still be sitting there waiting to be told I could eat the marshmallow. 


What Would Be Your First Purchase If You Won The Lottery?

Probably an RV. I would travel as far as I could; including visiting every National Park and as many countries as possible. 

If You Could Get On A Plane Tomorrow, Where Would You Go?

The internet has been showing me ads for Italy lately. Maybe it’s because a friend is going on vacation there soon and my phone must have overheard. I’ve visited Venice, Florence, and Rome in 2010. There is still so much I want to explore. 

Why Did You Start Your Blog?

There are a few reasons I started my blog. I wanted to become a stronger writer and the only way to get better at something is to practice. I also wanted a creative outlet to share my life and the things I find interesting. Over the last year, I have covered many different topics, but most of my focus has been on travel-related topics. These are the post I find the most exciting to write about. I hope they are motivational to my readers to go travel, even if it’s within their own town. 

What Makes You Feel Powerful?

When I achieve something I didn’t think was possible. This can be as big as when I bought my condo, to something as small as designing and upgrading my blog by myself. These achievements are not without worry and despair. But once on the other side of those hurdles, I feel like nothing can stop me. 


Dream Job?

Is Rick Steves’s job available? I would love to travel the world writing about my experiences, making friends, and eating local food. 

Suitcase Or Backpack?

I don’t own a traditional roller suitcase. I use a backpack for all my travels. If the things I want to pack aren’t going to fit in my backpack, that’s a sign I’m over-packing. I use the Osprey Fairview 70 for trips longer than 5 days and my SWISSGEAR Gateway 18 for trips under 5 days. 

How Tall Are You?


What Inspires Your Blog Post?

It fluctuates from week to week. I enjoy writing my travel post the most. It feels like living the trip or vacation all over again when I write out the details for a post. At this time I can’t travel full time, so I will fill in those spaces with a more personal blog post like my Thrifted & DIY Sumer Patio Makeover or a Monthly Rose & Thorns post. I usually have a list of writing prompts on my phone. Each week I pick one that inspires me the most.  


How Have You Been Since Scout’s Passing?

Surprisingly okay. It’s been four months since his passing. I’ve found a new routine that consists of writing and running. On days where the silence is too much, I fill the quiet with calming yoga music while I write and Top 40 music when I’m doing a mundane task like cleaning or cooking. Forcing myself to go outside each day for a run has also greatly improved my mental health. The combination of sunshine and exercise helps me to push through the sadness on days when I miss having a companion. 

One Prized Possession?

The portrait of Scout and I was gifted to me by my family. Not only is it beautiful, but it was the thoughtfulness of my family to have Scout memorialized in such a special way. If the house is on fire, this is the one thing I would run in to grab. 

Would You Rather Swim With Sharks Or Run With Bulls?

I recently listened to an ologies podcast on sharks. I would much rather swim with sharks. You can easily boop them on the nose if they get too close. I do enjoy a good run, but potentially being gored by a horn of a bull, sounds like the end of my running journey. 

When You Were A Kid, What Movie Did You Watch Constantly?

There were a few: Men In Black (l & II), Power Rangers, Old Yeller (this was mostly my littlest sister choice), and Vegas Vacation.

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