Monthly Round-Up: Rose & Thorns – June 2022

June Rose & Thorns – A monthly recap of the highs and lows experienced each month.

Rose: Vacations All I Ever Wanted

It’s my birthday month! I’m a big believer in not working on your birthday. It should be celebrated the same way holidays are observed; a day off from work and spending it exactly how you want. If watching movies in bed with a pint of ice cream is the dream, your birthday should be the day to make it happen. I spent my birthday traveling out to California. Scratch that; I spent the last hours of my birthday on a layover in Las Vegas (that sounds more exciting). Although it was 90° at 10 pm, it was worth the $35 Uber to the strip to get a glimpse of the glittering lights of the casinos. 


The Uber dropped me at the Venetian Hotel, where the doorman welcomed me like he was anticipating my arrival all evening. He took the time to tell me where everything was located within the hotel and wished me luck. I didn’t think about it at the time, but I don’t think he was wishing me luck at the craps table but rather not getting lost in the maze I was about to enter. Since it was late in the evening, most shops and attractions were closed. One thing I can always count on to provide free entertainment is people stubbing around at various stages of drunkenness. People were making up and breaking up just a few feet from one another, a swarm of bachelorettes walking barefoot through the halls, and a few solo stragglers who gave up trying to escape from this maze. I felt like the sanest person in the insane asylum. 

It was time for me to head back to the airport once the lights on the Paris Hotel’s Eiffel Tower stopped twinkling, and I was whipped with a leather flogger by a lady in a thong and black flower pasties. After four hours of wandering around, I’d had my fill of this adult Disneyland. 

Thorn: My Body (not) My Choice

We’ve read the news of the Supreme Court striking down Roe this month. There have been marches, protests, and angry tweets filling the tiny screen of my phone. It’s as if I found a wormhole to the 1950s. While I have felt the gamut of emotions in the days following the decision (most sadness), I have tried to turn this feeling into motivation to ensure I am taking care of my health as we move into uncharted territories. 

I’ve been putting off annual doctor appointments out of sheer laziness. Now, out of fear of what is to come, I’ve logged into all of my new insurance providers and made appointments. It is a privilege to have insurance provided by my job, and it is irresponsible not to use the resources available to me. It’s equivalent to putting an oxygen mask on yourself before assisting others. 


Favorites of the Month

Manatee Coffee – There are two things I love: weekday strolls through the isles of Costco and coffee. For many years I have purchased Manatee Coffee’s Caribbean Delight from Costco. The flavor of hazelnut and caramel blend flawlessly to create a perfect cup of coffee to start the day. After years of loving Manatee Coffee, they sent me a new flavor: Cinnamon Sticky Bun. Throughout June, this has been my go-to flavor. I especially like it iced with a splash of half-&-half, simple syrup, and a dollop of whip cream with a sprinkle of cinnamon powder. 

Target Mom Shorts – Shorts are a summer staple year-round in Florida. I was looking to dip my toe in the high-waisted shorts trend and accidentally fell head over heels for these shorts. My summer uniform has been a top (cropped or tucked in) low-top converse and these shorts. When keeping cool is the number one priority, these shorts will allow air to move freely around you so that you can enjoy the summer in style.

June Blog Post Recap

In case you missed any posts this month: 

DIY: HOW TO PAINT A REFRIGERATOR – This project was easier than I anticipated. The key to a successful outcome is to take time to properly prep the surface. Plus, there’s a bonus DIY on how I stenciled the walls in my kitchen to match. 

TOURING TAMPA – J.C. NEWMAN CIGAR FACTORY – One of the best tours you can take in Tampa. You don’t have to love cigars to be able to appreciate the history and culture of the cigar industry. 

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