Monthly Round-Up: Rose & Thorns – June 2023

June Rose & Thorns – A monthly recap of the highs and lows experienced each month.

Rose: Birthday Month

I love that my birthday falls in June. It’s not just because every horoscope I’ve read (for Cancers) accurately describes my personality and emotional state. It’s also because the halfway point in the year allows me to reflect on my goals and assess where I stand concerning my long-term objectives.
I may be more inclined to focus on the positives lately, but this June has been unforgettable. I will reminisce about this period and accurately recall how every aspect of my life transformed this month. While I will share some of these changes in this post, there are still others that have yet to fully materialize.


Thorn: Skincare  

I am determined to adhere to a consistent skincare routine as I get older. Despite following the golden rule of avoiding sun exposure, I have noticed that running, even in the late afternoons, can still cause damage to my skin over time.

A close friend, who is very familiar with esthetic treatments, suggested that I try a more aggressive approach to get rid of some sunspots on my skin. Following her advice, I opted for a combination of micro-needling and IPL laser treatment. 

The treatments were relatively painless after allowing the numbing cream to settle into my face. However, the price tag for these treatments was not. To justify big purchases in June, I convinced myself that it was a birthday gift from me to me.

I paid $1000 for both treatments but am disappointed with the results. It has been a month already, and I have not noticed any improvements in my skin. I was advised to undergo consistent treatments every six months to see a difference. I do not doubt it will eventually show results over time, but at that price tag, I want to see something in return on the first round. Instead, I think I’ll stick to my sunscreen, nightly retinol, and moisturizer routine and age like a raisin left on the vine. 

Rose: Dream Job

There are rare moments in life when you come across an opportunity that feels like it was made just for you. This happened to me when I saw the listing for my Condo. As soon as it was posted, I had a gut feeling that it would be mine, and I was willing to do whatever it took to make it happen.

My organization has undergone a significant reorganization, resulting in many changes to reporting structures and colleagues moving to different departments. Although I initially believed I would not be affected by the chaos, I was mistaken when I learned that a job opening had become available in the wildlife department. The moment I discovered that I met the requirements for the job, I realized that this was the career path I had been searching for. 

Before we proceed with the story, let’s take a step back. Six weeks prior to the job posting, I had a tarot card reading that hinted at the possibility of this job opportunity becoming available, even before I knew I met the requirements. I didn’t provide the card reader with any personal information except for the topic I wanted to inquire about. Too fearful of asking about my personal life (or, god forbid, my love life), I figured my career would be a safe bet when attempting to peek into the future. 


During the tarot reading, I learned that changes were coming to my workplace, which would lead to a shift in my career path. The reader assured me that this would alleviate the anxiety I had been feeling about finding my purpose in my work. Additionally, the cards indicated that I might become a business owner in the next 4-5 years, although the exact nature of the business was unclear.

I recently received the official announcement that I have been welcomed into the wildlife team. I am incredibly excited about this job opportunity and feel overwhelmed with enthusiasm. However, this position requires me to earn a biology degree, which means returning to school for the third time. Within two years, I will become a certified wildlife biologist for the airport. Although it sounds like a lot of work, it never feels like work when it’s a job you are passionate about. 

Women in the window of a truck with an airplane in the background.

Thorn: The Kia Soul is Not Intended for Off-Road Use

For my birthday trip this year, I checked off my bucket list trip to Utah. I have always wanted to explore southern Utah and visit the National Parks in the area. Fortunately, I was able to spend my birthday hiking The Narrows in Zion National Park and hiking the famous Hoodoos in Bryce Canyon National Park later in the week. Unfortunately, I tempted fate by attempting to hike in an area that was not paved and did not have a clearly defined hiking path, which resulted in my rental car getting stuck in the sand in the middle of nowhere. 

After I accepted, there was no way I would get this car out of the desert; I ran a half mile to a truck with the State of Utah logo on the side of the doors I passed just 30 minutes earlier. I know I looked like a crazy lady waving my arms trying to flag them down as they moved further and further away.


Just when I thought all hope was lost, the truck brake lights lit up, and the reverse lights turned on. They looked slightly panicked as they drove up to me, heavily breathing, trying to explain how I got my car stuck. They gave me three phone numbers to call for a tow company and offered to come back later if I couldn’t get ahold of anyone.

Thankfully, a phone call with a grumpy old man with the tow company, an hour wait time by the side of the highway, and $175 later, I was freed from the grips of the desert sands. In retrospect, this is how every true crime story starts, and it ends with my family saying I lit up every room. Thankfully that’s not how this story ended, and I learned a valuable lesson in the off-roading capability of a Kia Soul. 

Vehicle stuck in the sand being pulled out by a jeep.
Thorn - Women sitting on the side of the road overlooking the red rocks.

Rose: Crazy Squirrel Lady

After undergoing my laser peel, I had to stay indoors for three days and avoid sunlight as my skin shed like a lizard’s. In the meantime, I kept busy by working on a few woodworking projects for my home. The first of which was building another Modern Slat Door for my closet. This took the majority of my time, but in between waiting for the paint to dry, I also built a small picnic table for my neighborhood squirrels to enjoy an afternoon snack. Although the slat door is a noteworthy improvement to my home, I have found greater joy in this modest squirrel table. Afternoons watching two squirrels take turns eating from the table is an indescribable happiness I refuse to get over. 

June Rose - Squirrel sitting on a small picnic table.

June Favorites

Jungalow Curtains For more than a year, I’ve been looking for the ideal curtain to hang on my front window. As I wandered through the aisles of my nearby Target, I stumbled upon the perfect curtains unexpectedly. The Jungalow Curtains in teal have everything I’ve been envisioning in my mind, including the right amount of style with their tasseled fringe and the weighty velvet material.

June Blog Post Recap

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