Monthly Round-Up: Rose & Thorns – June 2020

Rose: It’s My Birthday Month! I LOVE having my birthday in the middle of summer. While this year there are limited activities to choose from (thanks coronavirus), I was still able to have a fantastic birthday. I was worried about how the constant back and forth of opening and closing business would effect traveling. But, not only was it possible, it was very affordable (can’t beat $60 round trip). Did I go on an exotic trip for my Birthday? Depends on your definition of exotic. The Smokey Mountains have their fair share of interesting characters, living in what could be called the perfect balance of tourist trap and serene mountain views. I have the most vivid memories of my childhood in these mountains, so coming back is always nostalgic. 

Circa 1999

Thorn: June is the halfway point through the year, and being a Type-A person, I have made a list of all the “adulting” responsibilities to accomplish this month. As I look at the list, most of them have to do with maintaining my car: renew the registration, get an oil change, fix the windshield wiper fluid reservoir, & change windshield wipers. Oh, and by the way, “you need 4 news tires. Will you be paying for this with a credit card, kidney, or firstborn?” 

Scout also went to the vet for his annual check-up, and don’t worry, he didn’t need 4 new of anything. He’s healthy as can be and grumpy as ever! The experience was not the thorn of the month though, it’s actually my new preferred method for visiting the vet; I stayed in the car the whole time. The vet tech took Scout in for all the routine shots and checkups and when they brought him back, I paid from the comfort of my driver’s seat. And that was the thorn, $200 once it was all said and done. Alas, a small price for ensuring the most handsome man in my life is in ship-shape. 

To say the least, June was an expensive month. But I was able to check everything off the list and that leaves me feeling accomplished (although poor).

Post Vet Blues

Rose: I start every morning with a cup of coffee or espresso, or 3. Sometimes before I go to bed at night, I find myself thinking about how delicious my first cup of coffee will taste in the morning…okay, it might be a problem. So, I could be a little behind, but I recently discovered  Reddi-wip Nitro Coffee Creamer and the Sweet Foam Coffee Topper… talk about bringing the coffee shop to your refrigerator. To pick a favorite would be like picking a favorite child, and I’ve already committed my firstborn to pay for my tires. The Nitro creamer, with it’s flat yet thick constancy hovers on top of your coffee like fresh snow on the grass in winter. The nutty smoothness marries well with the bitterness of the espresso, nuptials made in heaven. The Sweet Foam has all the flavor of sweet cream creamer, and the stout consistency of whipped cream Topping an iced or hot coffee with the fluffy foam adds the finishing touch of delicious that I honestly can’t get enough of…did I mention I think about this before I go to sleep? 

As far as coffee creamers go, the Reddi-wip Barista Series creamers are a steal at $3-4 a can, and the amount of joy they bring to my tastebuds makes them a staple in my morning routine. 

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