Monthly Round-Up: Rose & Thorns – August 2020

For most of the month of August, I didn’t know what day it was. At one point, I wrote September as the current month. Just like the stores, I think subconsciously, my mind is already prepping for fall. Just like every other basic girl on the planet, I’m pumped for the change in weather and PSL flavored everything.

Rose: Last month I was beating myself up for not feeling confident in the look of my blog. I was comparing myself to other women who (in my eyes) have successful and pretty web pages. So I had a talk with myself. What was stopping me from achieving the things I want for this blog? I chalked it up to being scared or embarrassed to ask for help. The women I’m comparing myself to have pretty pictures. So I set off to remedy this situation. Step one, find a photographer. Check. Step two, draft an email explaining how I’ve stalked the photographer’s Instagram for a few months and love her aesthetic. I explained the ideas for possible shoot locations and asked for her availability. I was so nervous to send this email. It sat in my draft email box for two weeks waiting to build the courage to press send. After another pep talk with myself, I pressed send and I instantly felt a wave of relief. It was gone; out of my hands. I felt like I just jumped off of a high dive. Not gracefully, of course. My arms and legs are definitely flailing, but I did it! And I’m so pumped for my shoot next month!

Thorn: I wrote a little bit about this in my Peach Cobbler post a few weeks ago. My grandmother lives in a retirement home. She’s 93 and able to do pretty much everything independently. Since February, I have not been able to visit her due to COVID. I’ve called her to check-in and ask how her day is going. She tells me, she and a friend sneak into each other’s apartments to watch jeopardy together in the evening. This is her big act of rebellion and the highlight of her day. I also update her on my life; work, Scout, my friends, etc. I try to stay positive but after I get off the phone I usually have a breakdown and cry. I feel so helpless and frustrated with the situation. I feel like she’s in prison. I want to go get her but I don’t want to risk her getting sick. The thought of her being alone every day is really weighing on my mind this month. I know other people are feeling this way too. Isolation can wear on people. At this point, if I had to wear a full hazmat suit to hangout with her, I would. She’s lives in a community that keeps a close watch over her, (they bring her meals to her room and make sure she takes her medicine) hopefully as things open I will be able to go see her. Let’s hope a full hazmat suit won’t be necessary and a mask will suffice. 

Rose: I finally heard from the State Department in regards to renewing my passport. But first let’s hop in the way-back machine. Its January 31, 2020, I’m at the post office, mailing my application off for renewal. I triple checked all of my documents and sprung for the extra charge for tracking, so I knew when it arrived. I’m feeling optimistic and excited for the Oktoberfest trip Aaron and I have begun to plan. Life is good. February my check was cashed. This is good, I think to myself. The world is slowing down, but my passport is moving right along. 

Fast forward to August, it’s been six months of radio silence, until this month. I received a phone call from the State Department. They tried to send me a letter but it returned to the sender. That’s odd. I verified the address was correct. They couldn’t tell me what the letter was in regards too, but to call if I had any questions after I got the letter. A few weeks passed and the letter arrived in the mail. Now I’m paraphrasing but it basically said, “We don’t like the picture you sent, try again”. I’m slightly annoyed by this but it’s something I can easily fix. So I go back to the place I took the photo and showed them the letter. They happily retook the photo free of charge and apologized for the inconvenience. So nice! 


I mailed the photos off the next day and just over a week later I received not one, but four emails from the State Department. My passport application was approved! I will receive a shiny new passport in the mail within a week. Finally, I can check this off my New Year’s Resolutions checklist. 

Rose: Voting has always been a priority for me. I remember sitting in my High School cafeteria filling out my voter’s registration form. I could not wait to go down to my polling precinct the following year to vote for a new President. Every election I proudly wear my voter’s sticker for the entirety of the day. 

The primary election for the state of Florida was August 18th. This day was extra special because it also marked the 100th anniversary for the ratification of the 19th Amendment. To make this day even more special, my littlest sister voted for the first time! She was a bit nervous and may have been unprepared, but I convinced her it would be a good practice run for the big November Election. We stood in line to sign for our ballot and the lady distributing the ballots asked if we had voted before. I replied, “yes ma’am, every time, but this will be my sisters’ first time voting”. The lady smiled with delight and yelled, “FIRST TIME VOTER!” and the gym erupted in applause. My sister stood frozen with embarrassment. I was doubled over in laughter. It couldn’t have been a more memorable experience. I’m so glad I dragged her to the polls. I cannot wait to do it again in November!

Information on how to register to vote, deadlines to register to vote, and new voters information can be found HERE

How was your August? Are we over the Summer heat and ready for Fall? 

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