Thrift vs. Retail – Fall Wardrobe Refresh

I love thrifting. I love digging through racks of clothing or rummaging through shelves of knick-knacks. It’s the thrill of the unknown: Will I find the antique mirror of my dreams? Do I need six emerald green glass goblets for my morning orange juice? How many Christmas sweaters are too many? Finding a deal on things you didn’t know you needed is exhilarating. 

When it comes to retail shopping, my first stop is J.Crew. Sizing and fit are always consistent. I don’t have to worry about measuring myself or order two sizes in hopes one will fit. I’ve been taking advantage of the end of season clearance sales in preparation for fall. This is my one-stop-shop for quality basics. Striped shirts, dresses with fruit prints, and tasseled sandals can be found at J.Crew to round out any preppy wardrobe. (Life goal: get on the J.Crew PR list. Somebody has to know somebody who can make this happen). 

Over the summer I’ve slowly stocked up on pieces to transition into fall. I spent $40 at the thrift store and $40 at a retail store (J.Crew). I want to highlight, it doesn’t cost a lot to look put together. 

Retail deals: I was able to pick up three tops and two pairs of pants for $40. 

I’m slowly trying to break up with jeans. I wear jeans to work most days. My brain is wired to associate jeans with work and with getting dressed to go out. So when I saw these green Lara Croft cargo pants, I knew they would be the diversity I was looking for in my pants wardrobe.


Now I know what your thinking, “Those other J.Crew pants are jeans. The hypocrisy!”. Take a deep breath. I assure you, they may have the look of jeans, but they are more like indigo linen pants. On the comfort scale they are a ten! Elasticated, lightweight, high-wasted, cropped pants for the win. These pants are like my favorite quarantine sweatpants disguised as fashionable jeans. Everyone needs to experience this level of comfort.

Everything is from J.Crew except the shoes.

For the next two looks, I mixed retail and thrifted items together. Retail top and thrifted jeans are featured on the left picture. Right picture, thrifted top and retail jeans. Accessories were birthday presents from my mom. Clutch found HERE and necklace found HERE.

Thrifting, I picked up: a pair of jeans (for work), two sweaters, a pair workout shorts, two workout tops, a vest, a tank top, one shirt (bonus, it’s originally from J.Crew), and six green goblet glasses (you thought I was joking about the glassware). 

The first three looks from the thrift store are the epitome of fall in Florida. Floridians will reach for their winter sweaters anytime the temperature drops below 80 degrees. These sweaters are very light weight, making them ideal for a Florida Fall season.


The pink tank is my effort to emulate the 90’s style that is back in vogue. I have forgotten how easy a simple tank and shorts can be. This outfit will be on repeat as long as heat advisories are in effect.

Shorts and shoes not thrifted

Workout clothing can be hit or miss. I don’t want to buy someone’s workout clothes they ran a marathon in. To avoid this, I generally look at the tags and armpits for signs of wear. Fortunately, the pieces looked brand new. My workouts consist of roller skating and biking. Being highly visible on the roads is important to ensure people can see me. Bonus, if I can find gear in pink and purple.

Bike Shorts and Shoes not thrifted.

These eleven looks can be mixed and matched to create even more outfits. I’m excited for these new additions to my closet and the change in season.

Did you have a favorite look? Do you like to shop at thrift stores? If you are more of a retail shopper, what are your preferred stores?

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  1. Super cute outfits!! They’re all so cute and especially how you paired them with the different shorts and pants. Love the variety of pretty coral colors, and the bright blue top! The workout clothes are also gorgeous colors…great wardrobe you have! 💜

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