2021 New Year Resolutions

Welcome to 2021! It’s a new year, which means I’ve got fresh, bigger, and better goals for the year. Last week I reviewed my “2020 Resolutions.” Even though 2020 was a bit more hectic than I bargained for, I completed most of my goals for the year. Heck, I even crossed some significant milestones I didn’t expect at all, but I digress. I love writing resolution posts for two reasons: it keeps me accountable, and it’s like shaking your fist at the universe, willing it to align the stars to make all your dreams and aspirations come true. Once a goal is complete, nothing feels better than forcefully drawing a check next to your accomplishment. 

I don’t know yet what 2021 has in store (fingers crossed I hit the lotto), but I’ve set some goals to make the absolute most of it. 

Investing Money

I’m not getting any younger, and don’t let the dewy glow mislead you; that’s just the Florida humidity. I’m making long term decisions today that will benefit my future. Investing in my 401k and dipping my toe into buying stocks is something I want to pursue this year. I usually have a goal to save for the year, but I’m switching things up a little this year. I’m planning to save as I typically do, but rather than putting money into a regular savings account, I’m going to invest in higher return accounts and even learn a little about the stock market. Aaron has created a challenge for us to invest a thousand dollars in stocks to see who can create the highest profit at the end of the year. Making it into a game will keep me focused and hopefully earning some extra money along the way. 

An Actual Vacation

In the new year, I will go on a real vacation. At some point this year, I will spend a week or more elsewhere pretending I’m one of those nomadic travel bloggers living their best life, exploring the world, and taking pictures of their meals. I also want to sleep in the most cloud-like hotel bed and wake up with the sunrise, ready to explore. I need to make memories that don’t include the election, COVID, or the economy. Vacations are a bubble of bliss, and I’m having severe withdraws. 


Professional Accreditation 

This will be my most considerable hurdle of the year. It pains me to think of having to make endless stacks of notecards. I’m not exaggerating when I say I have been putting this off for years. To progress in my field, I have to complete an accreditation course and pass the corresponding test. Like any other industry course, the content is dry and full of “important things” I might use one time in the next 30 years. .But I don’t want to become stagnant in my career, and I am ready for more significant challenges. Completing this accreditation will be the first step to move towards more significant accomplishments. 

A New Bed Frame and Mattress 

My mattress met the end of its useful life about five years ago. Sleeping on a bed of nails would be more comfortable at this point. I wish I could say I’ve been dreaming of a new mattress for months, but in all honesty, I’ve been doing nothing but tossing and turning. Each spring groans when I move, and my arms sometimes feel numb from the pressure points. After comparing several different mattresses online, I’m going to order a Purple Mattress. As for the bed frame, I think I’ll head down to my local Ikea. My current bed frame is Ikea. It has successfully made it through three moves and still going strong, but will sadly be too small when I upgrade the mattress size. I have my eye on a couple of options but I would like to see them in person before deciding. 


Update All Things Karissa

I loved the challenge of learning how to build a blog from the ground up this past year. My first attempt yielded a simple but functional website. This year I want to push forward with a more professional blog that supports more widgets and is better optimized for SEO. It takes a great deal of time to produce a blog post each week, and I enjoy every part of the process. I ultimately want All Things Karissa to participate in brand sponsorships for projects and collaborations to elevate the reader experience. As much as writing this blog started out being for me, it’s really all about you, the reader. 

I would love to hear your thoughts on my 2021 New Year Resolutions. And while you’re at it, tell me what are your New Year Resolutions!

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