2022 New Year’s Resolutions

I love making New Years Resolutions. Writing clear expectations and lists with tiny boxes to check throughout the year is a simple pleasure in life. In 2022, I have some recurring goals and fresh ideas to implement in the new year. 

If you want to look back on previous year’s resolutions, I’ve written 2020 and 2021

Running Resolutions

I cannot believe I’m writing about running, much less creating goals for running. It would be an understatement to say 2021 was a stressful year. I lost a lot, cried many times over things I could not control, and often stayed in bed all afternoon until I had to go to work. After Scout died, the silence of my house forced me into the outdoors. I started taking long walks for hours through my neighborhood, and when I felt like crying, I would run until my lungs burned—eventually, running more than I walked. 


The first time I ran my four-mile trail without stopping, I cried happy tears. I felt untouchable. Now, after a run, my brain floats in serotonin soup*. I allow my mind to wander off into any thought it wants. My spectacular ideas pop into my head while jogging (mostly blog post ideas or places I want to visit). Problems that seemed like mountains melt into ant hills the longer I run. 

As 2021 draws to an end, I’m running 2-3 times a week, 5 miles, and average a 9:30 pace through the entire run. Starting in 2022, I will switch up how I track my time/distance. I plan to begin running for time rather than distance, slowly building my way up to running for two constant hours. 

*Note from the editor: The runner’s high is a flood of endorphins, not serotonin. I couldn’t pass up the alliteration; it painted the perfect picture of how I feel after a run. 

  • Run a 10k
  • Run for a consistent two hours
New Year's Resolutions - running.

Travel Resolutions

My cup is overflowing with places I want to go and things to do in the new year. If I learned anything in 2021, it’s that I’m capable of creating a well-thought-out blog post. The only thing standing in my way is myself. In 2022, I have to become comfortable with pitching companies for collaborations, smiling for the camera when people are staring, and skipping town for a few days because a solo trip to the mountains sounds better than spending the weekend on the couch. 


My travel vision board is painted with very broad strokes. Rather than picking specific places, my focus will be the number of sites I can travel to in a year. As of right now, six destinations is an achievable goal. This allows for a mini weekend getaway or a week-long adventure every other month. These can be far away places or hidden gems within my home state. 

One of the best things to come out of 2021 was the amount of National and State Parks I was fortunate enough to visit. Featuring the trendy new restaurant in town is fun but pales in comparison to standing at the foot of a sequoia tree craning your neck to see the treetops. More than anything, I want to continue making these destinations a priority. 

  • Traveling to 6 destinations
  • Keep checking off National and State Parks

Blogging Resolutions

The most obvious goal for this blog is to keep growing and improving the content I create each week. I want each post to be better than the last. I don’t want to only do daily recaps of my adventures, but to inspire you to explore the world. And if you happen to pass through the same place I visited, I hope you refer to some of my recommendations. My biggest goal is to create a community of readers who love travel, are entertained by my stories, and engage with my content.

I need to change how I organize and prep the multitude of elements required for each post. Right now, I get by on the skin of my teeth, writing and publishing a post each week. In 2022 I would like to have content ready for publishing at least two weeks in advance. Aaron suggested I use Monday.com to organize my content, track my progress on upcoming posts, and for a one-stop place to keep ideas. 


My last goal is a repeat from 2021 (which I was able to accomplish); this blog must be self-sustaining. It must create enough revenue to cover the annual cost needed to produce each week’s content. I invested in supplemental products like Grammarly, Canva, and SEO

Tools, which have come with added cost. The annual cost of doing business has increased this year; with that, there will be an increase in sponsored posts to cover those costs. 

  • Continue Building a Community
  • Plan Post in Advance
  • Cover Blogging Expenses

Home Resolutions

This blog isn’t all travel all the time. I do sprinkle in a few lifestyle posts now and then. Updating my condo is one of my second favorite things to plan, besides researching travel destinations.

This year I have two areas I need to make more functional. The first is my entryway/dining room area. The current cabinets are too bulky for the space. The ample counter space encourages me to pile up odds and ends that do not have a home. When I walk through the door, I don’t want to be greeted by a disorganized mess. I have picked out the replacement cabinets for this area, but I will need to do a bit of DIYing to make it perfect.  


The second area is my laundry closet. Unlike my entryway, the laundry closet is tucked away in the kitchen. There are no doors to hide the ugliness behind, but I know I can make some changes for a more aesthetic look. 

  • Entryway Makeover
  • Laundry Closet Makeover

Did you make any New Year’s Resolutions for 2022? If so, share them below.

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