Sugar Cookie Fruit Pizza

There are so many possibilities when creating this recipe. Sugar Cookie Fruit Pizza is perfect for any large gathering. This year, I created an egg shape for Easter. For non-themed parties, the shape of the cookie could be a traditional round or square. Also, depending on time and level of effort you want to put into creating this dessert, the sugar cookie and frosting can be made entirely from scratch or (as I’ve written this recipe) made with store bought cookie mix and frosting.

The fruit added to the top can very depending on the season. I find berries, such as strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries to be my favorite topping choices. Let you’re imagination run wild; for a tropical fruit pizza add star fruit and pineapple. There are no rules!

Recipe Card

Sugar Cookie Recipe Card


A free download of the recipe cards can be found HERE. Enjoy!

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