Monthly Round-Up: Rose & Thorns – April 2021

Thorn: Aaron’s Move to California

As a way to grow and connect with others, I want to share not everything is perfect all the time. I wish I could say April few by, but in fact, each day seemed longer than the last. Dates were circled on the calendar for Aaron’s anticipated move. All month long my anxiety rose after each passing day. Now on the other side of the move, the anxiety has moved to sadness. In the next few months, I’ll be working to navigate this new pace of life and make the best of this new situation. It’s easy to become caught up in the highlight reel of other people’s lives. I know some people experience greater distances and have not had the luxury to hop on an airplane at their will.  I’m learning not to compare myself to others, to accept this feeling of sadness, and more importantly not allow myself to spiral on the negatives.

Rose: Scout’s Birthday

Scout turned 13 years old this month! I wrote about his recent health scare in last month’s Rose & Thorns. The vet has been monitoring him and he has reacted positively to the medication. Just this week Scout got the all clear from the vet. Now, I’m in the midst of finding glucosamine supplements, to help ease the stiffness in his joints. We celebrated his birthday with photoshoot and an extra scoop of wet food for dinner. I wrote an ode to thirteen years with Scout in a post this month; 13 Thing Having a Dog Has Taught Me, check it out in case you missed it. 

Rose: Condo Update

I finally pulled the trigger on ordering custom blinds for my condo. I could have easily gone to a home improvement store and bought generic blinds for my three windows. But I wanted to invest in blinds with a little bit more style and not stress over measuring correctly. My walls are also made of cinder block and while I know my way around a power tool, spending the money to have a professional handle the install was worth the money. This time next month my stylish-hotel-quality blackout currents should be installed. I’m so excited to check this off my to-do list!

Rose: Upcoming Road Trip Content

While the process of moving Aaron was stressful, the road trip a blast! We made it to all but one of our planned roadside stops but made up for it with a few unplanned ones as well. I’m excited to share these stops with you over the next few weeks. I have tons of pictures and videos to sort out, some of which I shared on my Instagram (if you don’t already, go follow me @all_things_karissa).

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