Monthly Round-Up: Rose & Thorns – June 2021

June Rose & Thorns – A monthly recap of the highs and lows experienced throughout each month.

Rose: Be Productive

A To-Do list has gotten me back on track. After Scouts passing last month, I’ve struggled to get into a new routine. I’ve felt scatterbrained when trying to be productive, which resulted in feeling overwhelmed. Out of frustration with myself, I got out a pad of paper and wrote down everything I wanted to get done this month. There’s something about putting pen to paper that makes these tasks seem real and not just floating thoughts. I left the list on the kitchen counter, for two reasons: it is central to my house, and once I wrote down the things I needed to do, the thought no longer swirled in my brain. I’m happy to report, I’ve crossed off many of the tasks I needed to do this month. Now, it’s time for me to start another list for July. 

Thorn: An Extra Scoop Of Suck

This month was by no means easy. In all honesty, it has felt like a continuation of more things piling on. Although I was able to weed through things on my to-do list, things beyond my control have left me feeling like I’m treading water. I’m not going into too much detail, but I’ve had to frequent the hospital more this month than I have in years. Not for myself, but for my parents. Nothing makes you feel more helpless than being the decision-maker for your parents. These are the times you realize your parents are humans just like you. They don’t have everything figured out either. Being the oldest, I’m usually the one with the answers or at the very least a plan. I have been very proud of my siblings for taking the lead when I’m not able to be with my parents. These are uncharted territories for us and as of now, we can only take things day by day. 


Rose: Condo Update

In the April Rose and Thorns, I wrote about ordering custom blinds for my condo. This month they finally arrived. Not only do they look great but they allow me to sleep like a vampire during the day. As fate would have it, after a long night of working the night shift, I dive into my cave of a room only to be woken up by my neighbor, who has started a full renovation of his place. Great. 

Favorites of the Month

Patio Cushions – I’m slowly getting pieces for my patio makeover; while I hope to make a full blog post before the end of summer. The biggest purchase I needed to make was new cushions for my outdoor couch. This metal frame couch is OLD. My grandparents bought it before I was born. In fact, many of my baby pictures are of me on this couch. Since then, it has seen many layers of spray paint and renditions of cushions. But I couldn’t bring myself to throw it out just because it wasn’t a trendy egg chair from Target. This couch has stood the test of time and these patio cushions have given it new life. 

Coconut Macaroons – I used the Food Network’s Ina Garten recipe to make these coconut macaroons. Later, I learned the recipe is also on the back of the shredded coconut packaging. If you’re looking for something easy to bake this is a great recipe to try. With nothing but time during a rainy afternoon, I had all the ingredients in my baking pantry to make a batch of these for my coworkers. If you are a big fan of coconut these are a must!


New Workout Shorts – It’s no secret that I have been actively working out. In doing so, I’ve found I need more workout shorts with pockets to hold my phone when I run. I don’t like the idea of an armband or fanny pack. These biker shorts have been perfect for my four-mile runs. The legs don’t ride up and the band around your belly isn’t so tight you have a muffin top.  As I start to purge my old pocketless workout gear, I plan to stock up on more of these shorts. 

Below are the 5-inch high-waisted biker shorts I purchased. I ordered true to size, small.

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