DIY: Spooky Halloween Garland

Every year, my family decorates for Halloween. Fearful my family would exile me for not decorating for the spooky season; I decided to create a DIY Spooky Halloween Garland for my newly made-over patio

Creating this garland took on a life of its own. In the beginning, I just wanted to create a ghost garland but determined it was going to look one-dimensional. I added the black pom-poms for texture and more visual interest. As I laid out the pieces, the pom-poms remind me of spiders. To make this garland a bit more spine-chilling, I added googly eyes to my puffs. Which lead me to the creation of ghosts and pom-pom spider Halloween garland. 


Supplies Needed

How to make the ghost and pom-pom spiders for your Spooky Halloween Garland: 

  1. Roll out white felt fabric. Use a bowl or a round object to use as a stencil to create perfectly round circles. I used two different sized bowls: A cereal bowl and a large mixing bowl. Cut the circles from the fabric. 
  2. Add the eyes and mouth. I chose to sew the eyes and mouth onto the fabric with embroidery floss. This can be substituted by drawing them on with a marker or gluing on googly eyes. 
  3. Glue one or two cotton balls to the center of the felt. This will keep the top of the ghost head round. Fold the felt in half. The face of the ghost should have a crease running through the center. Add one dot of glue to the edge on the side. As you unfold the felt circle the sides should hold together. (See below photos for clarification).
  4. Once all the ghosts are glued together. Take a pair of scissors to cut a wavy edge into the bottom of the ghost. 
  5. To make the pom-poms I followed THIS YouTube video. The key to making a good pom is not wrapping the yarn tight around the cardboard and sharp scissors. 
  6. To attach the ghost and pom-poms to the yarn garland, I tied the end of the yarn to the end of a wooden skewer. A large yarn needle would be ideal for this part but I did not have one on hand at the time. 
  7. Once everything was attached. I glued the eyes onto the pom-poms. It’s important to attach the eyes after the pom-poms are on the garland, to ensure the eyes are placed in the right position. 
  8. Hang your Spooky Halloween Garland!

Bonus DIY

Spooky Spiders! I had a few pom-poms left over and instead of stringing them on another garland, I added pipe cleaners and big googly eyes to create these bewitching spiders. 

  1. Fold four pipe cleaners in half. 
  2. Find the center of the pom-pom. 
  3. Thread the pipe cleaner through the center of the pom-pom until the bend in the middle of the pipe clear meets the center of the pom-pom. Think of the pom-pom like a donut, the pipe cleaners should be threaded through the middle. 
  4. Bend legs to the desired shape. 
  5. Hot glue the googly eyes to the front of the spider. 

The best part about making Halloween décor is the ability to make anything your style to fit the space. Decorating for the holiday season also doesn’t have to be expensive. I purchased my supplies from the Dollar Tree. This entire project cost $6.00. If you haven’t started decorating for the fall season I hope this Spooky Halloween Garland inspired you to add a bit of hair-raising décor to your home.


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