DIY: 3 Easy Halloween Decor Ideas

It’s challenging to appropriately decorate for Halloween while living in a small condo. Unless you’re hosting a Halloween party, decor for the season is more targeted toward making front yards as spooky as possible for trick-or-treaters. However, just like last year’s Spooky Halloween Garland DIY, I always feel compelled to create a touch of hair-raising Halloween decor during this time of year.

These three Halloween Decor Ideas only require two central components to make these DIYs come together: a hot glue gun and paint. You can transform anything into your holiday aesthetic with these tools in your arsenal. 


Creepy Crawly Halloween Wreath  

The front door is one area I can decorate outside of my condo. I decided to make a wreath that, from a distance, looks unassuming. However, as you move closer, the camouflage insects and snakes come into focus. 

Supplies Needed:
  1. If you want the monochromatic look, paint the insects and spiders with black matte spray paint. Keep in mind that spray paint will not adhere to rubber snakes. 
  2. Before gluing the insect pieces to the wreath, do a dry fit of the more significant parts (i.e., the giant spiders and life-size snake) you want on the wreath. Make sure you are happy with the placement and adjust as needed. 
  3. Once happy with where the larger pieces will be placed, glue those to the wreath first. The smaller spiders and millipedes can be placed as fillers.  
  4. Bonus idea: adding dark purple string lights would also make for a fantastic addition to bring this wreath to life at night. 
Completed Halloween Wreath on a front door.

Spider Plant Pot

Gardens and the bugs wiggling throughout the soil go hand-in-hand, making this Spider Plant Pot a year-round decor piece if you want it to be.

Supplies Needed:
  1. Find a plant pot of the size and shape you want to paint. Any size, shape, or material will work. I used an old terracotta pot for this project. 
  2. Paint the outside of the pot your desired color. You can use spray paint or acrylic craft paint to paint the exterior. I applied two coats of light pink acrylic paint, letting each coat fully dry between applications. 
  3. Paint the spiders. With a small paintbrush, I applied one coat of gilding paint to the top and bottom of each spider. The bright gold paint on my spiders is Premium Gilding Paint in brass
  4. After thoroughly drying everything (I suggest waiting overnight), glue the spiders to the outside of the newly painted pots. I, of course, used hot glue, but any glue adhesive would work for this project.  
  5. Finish by filling the pot with a plant. 

Floral Pumpkin Center Pieces 

This last project was a request for my sister. She wanted table centerpieces made for her upcoming fall/Halloween themed baby shower. With just a few layers of paint and faux florals, I transformed these dollar-store pumpkins into much more stylish fall decor. 

Supplies Needed:
  1. Remove the stem from the foam pumpkin. Place the candle stick on the top of the pumpkin and trace a circle around the border. 
  2. Cut out the circle leaving a hole for the candle to be placed. 
  3. Paint the outside of the pumpkin. This will take more than one coat. Allow the paint to dry between layers. I used a hair dryer on the low setting to speed up the drying process. 
  4. As the paint is drying on the pumpkins, deconstruct your florals and organize the leaves and flowers into piles. I divided everything into four piles to ensure I would have enough for each pumpkin. Not every pumpkin will be identical, but organizing the floral stems helps keep the proportions similar.
  5. Once the pumpkins are dry, you can begin hot gluing the florals to the top around the opening. This will help keep the placement of the florals symmetrical. On top of the base of the leaves, layer the flower stems. 
  6. Place the candle in the pumpkin and enjoy. 
White pumpkin with candle for a table center piece.

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