Monthly Round-Up: Rose & Thorns – April 2022

April Rose & Thorns – A monthly recap of the highs and lows experienced each month.

Rose: 5k Races 

April was a significant milestone in my running journey.  I ran not one, but two 5Ks this month. For the first race, my goal was simply toy run my fastest 5K. I was shooting for the 25-minute mark but was unsure if I could run three 8-minute miles to reach this goal. Additionally, before running this race, I had just worked a 12-hour overnight shift. My energy levels were held together by large quantities of coffee and nervous excitement. Running with a large group felt like running with the bulls in Spain. Afraid of being trampled by the mob behind me, I threw out any notion of pacing myself. My Garmin watch buzzed at the first mile, and to my surprise, I had just run my fastest mile ever, which fell within the 7-minute mark. As I crossed the finish line, the race clock welcomed me at 25:47, making this my fastest run to date. 


My second race was hosted along the running path I use every week. How could I not sign up for this one? It was like having home-field advantage. My nerves were more subdued, I knew what to expect, and I knew how fast I could run. I wanted to concentrate on pacing my times to be more consistent and have a little bit of gas left in the tank for a strong finish. While I didn’t have any negative splits during the race, I shaved 30-seconds off my last race time, finishing at 25:17. Afterward, I stayed for the awards ceremony to see how I measured up to the other racers. The overall winner finished at the 15-minute mark. I’m pretty sure he was on a scooter; I couldn’t fathom being able to run that fast. 

I came within 20-seconds of placing for my age group to my surprise. Until this moment, I never wanted to win or place in a race; I was just competing against myself. After coming so close to the podium, it’s lit a fire under me to make it in a future race. 

Thorn: Goodbye Toenail

All of this running does wear on my body. I make sure to stretch by following along with a yoga class on YouTube (subscribe to Yoga with Adriene). Active warm-ups help prime my body for exercise without overexerting myself before a long run. Overall, I feel healthy and proud every time my body reaches a new running accomplishment. That said, the constant pounding of the pavement has taken its toll on my toenails. I noticed my middle toe had a small blister, and after a closer look, I realized it was halfway off. A quick google search later found this is very common amongst long-distance runners; this is a right of passage in many running circles and should be worn (or not worn) as a badge of honor. 

There are a few remedies I’ve tried to keep this from happening. I loosened the laces on my shoes to allow my foot to have more room. I also bought a silicon toe covers to add extra padding between my toe and shoe. Time will tell if this will fix the problem. As long as it doesn’t start to cause me pain, I’m okay with only having nine toenails. 


Rose: Unplanned Girls Trip

It’s been years since my best friend and I have taken time for a girl’s trip. Work schedules and life usually only align for a short day at the beach. I was planning a solo trip to Rosemary Beach and a few State Parks when I casually asked if she wanted to tag along. I was surprised when she said yes. We couldn’t have picked a better area to explore. The architecture of the beach houses along 30A made me feel like we were in Europe, and the beach was miles of white sand in either direction. 

I’ll have a more detailed blog post covering everything we did and places to visit later this month. It’s definitely a beach to put on your travel wish list. 


Favorites of the Month

Sports Laundry Detergent –  After a run, I leave my clothes out on the bathroom floor to air out before putting them in the hamper. Once I have enough for a full load, I wash them on heavy soil with white vinegar and regular laundry detergent and every time they would come out smelling. This Sports Laundry Detergent made just for synthetic workout clothing. I was skeptical, but this stuff has done the trick. I wash my clothes in the same washer setting using only this detergent, and my workout clothes finally smell clean. 

Sports Dresses – Many bloggers talk about wearing athletic dresses, but the downside is many have attached shorts under the skirt. I don’t want to undress just to use the bathroom. I found two sports dresses that come with separate shorts. This way, I can use the bathroom like a normal human. I can forgo the shorts if I don’t plan on doing athletic activities but still want to look sporty.  

April Blog Post Recap

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