Florida Farm Spotlight: Hunsader Farm

Hunsader Farms is like an amusement park loaded with farm activities. The humble beginnings of the Hunsader Farm started with an eighty-acre crop of tomatoes.  Over the decades, the farm has grown to add additional buildings to the property, including a barn to house produce for the farmer’s market, an ice cream shop, and a petting zoo. It doesn’t matter what time of year you plan on visiting; there are always activities for everyone to enjoy. 

U-Pick, I-Pick, We-All-Pick

Many farms offer U-pick options, but Hunsader Farms have a special offering; U-pick flowers. A quarter-acre plot of land can be seen from the road. A thin layer of pink, red, and yellow seems to hover above the ground. As I parked, the field of zinnias came into full focus. A wall of sunflowers swayed in the back of the field as they hovered over the vivid flowers rising from below. 

There is an entrance fee of $2. For those who wish to create a fresh bouquet to take home, prices vary between $5 and $10 depending on the amount and type of flowers you choose to pick. Armed with my pruning shears and my Hunsader Farms souvenir cup, I set out to frolic through the rows of flowers. Groups of flower field enthusiasts had already begun to gather a collection of blooms. At the same time, some families used the cheerful backdrop of wildflowers to take family photos. 


If you haven’t gotten your fill of U-picking, Hunsader Farms offers seasonal produce for you to pick straight from the field. A variety of vegetables are available for visitors to gather themselves. However, some produce is restricted to only farm employees to harvest. If you would rather leave the labor to someone else, all farm-fresh produce is available at the Farmer’s Market. Homegrown fruits and vegetables are delivered daily, perfect for those who want to support local farms and eat seasonally appropriate crops. The farmer’s market also offers homemade jellies and jams, local honey, and pickled vegetables for those looking for more shelf-stable produce. 

A field of multicolor zinnias at Hunsader Farm
Girl in a field of sunflowers with a straw hat.
Close up of a bouquet of flowers in a field.
Girl in field of sunflowers with a hat
Farmers market at Hunsader Farms. green peppers and produce.

Hunsader Farm Seasonal/Special Events

Running through a field of flowers and taking pictures is just the beginning of the events offered at Hunsader Farms each year. Weekends in October start the celebration of fall with the Pumpkin Festival. There are a variety of vendors selling homemade crafts, live entertainment, kid’s pumpkin games, and a corn maze, just to name a few of the many family-friendly activities. On select dates in December, the farm host Country Christmas, a winter festival where the property is beaming with thousands of glowing lights and Christmas music echoes throughout. Festive hayrides, Christmas village displays, smores over a campfire, and movies on the lawn will surely get you into the holiday spirit. 

The holiday seasons aren’t the only time to celebrate. A little cowboy or cowgirl birthday party at Hunsader Farms would make for a memorable celebration as guests have access to the petting zoo and playground. Indoor event spaces for a large celebration or wedding are also available. If getting hitched in a rustic barn is the aesthetic for your big day, look no further. 


More Than Just Farm Animals 

When visiting a farm, one would expect to see the typical farm animals; cows, chickens, horses, potbelly pigs, etc. Imagine my surprise when I was face to face with a 7-foot emus. Hunsader Farm checked all the typical farm animals off this list. However, they took it a step further by adding a kangaroo, porcupines, ostriches, and a humongous tortoise (I could have comfortably ridden it like a rickshaw around the farm). 

Aside from figuring out how to train a tortoise to become a form of transportation, my favorite section was the parakeet enclosure. A human sizes birdcage is located in the middle of the petting zoo. Swirling around the cage are flashes of electric blue and yellow, repositioning themselves to get a better vantage point of the new guest. Visitors can purchase treat sticks at the ice cream shop to take into the parakeet enclosure. These birds have a pavlovian response to seeing a popsicle stick in a child’s hand. The parakeets instantly swarm the arm holding these sweet treats (in a family-friendly way, not in birds of prey viciously attacking you kind of way). 

A kangaroo resting it's head on a tortoise.
Blue and yellow parakeets on a branch

Relax. Stay For Awhile At The KOA Campground

If you’re thinking to yourself, “This sounds like a great place to spend a few days relaxing on the farm,” you’re in luck. Hunsader Farm’s KOA offers RV, tent, and lodging experiences. Camping in a tent isn’t for everyone (trust me, I recently spent three days camping in Yellowstone), and not everyone is lucky enough to own an RV. However, the choices of lodging options are as unique as the farm itself.


Visitors can pretend to be a traveler on the Oregon Trail by sleeping in one of the many primitive covered wagons. There are no amenities such as electrical, water, or a bathroom in these wagons. However, you won’t die of dysentery out here; the campsite offers communal restrooms within the grounds for visitors to use. A converted silo facing the bamboo field will make you feel like a hobbit in a faraway land. This site offers the most comforts of home, including running water and air conditioning. If you like the idea of tent camping but are not a fan of constructing and breaking down a campsite, I recommend the Glamping tent. This canvas tent will allow you to show up and immediately begin to relax. 

Whether you stay for a day or a few, there are plenty of activities and calm quietness for everyone to enjoy. I would highly recommend visiting the Hunsader farm for a weekend getaway to the country.

KOA check-in red barn at Hunsader Farm

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