Monthly Round-Up: Rose & Thorns – July 2023

July Rose & Thorns – A monthly recap of the highs and lows experienced each month.

Rose: Blog Traffic

Perhaps some of you are aware that I began this blog as a project during the Covid pandemic to keep myself occupied once I had run out of new TV shows to watch. Ever since I have continued with it to share my travels and home projects. This platform enables me to express my creativity and connect with individuals from all corners of the globe, and for that, I am truly thankful.

In 2021, my blog post about Sequoia National Park gained unexpected popularity, but I haven’t seen that level of traffic since. Despite this, I have continued to create content consistently, and my insights have gradually improved as a result. This year, I have experienced a steady increase in traffic each month, with July being the busiest month so far.

Honestly, numbers do matter to me. Seeing those small blue dots appearing on my real-time analytics gives me a sense of satisfaction that I am offering something helpful to those planning their next trip. The thought of sharing my experiences or generating a unique idea that can assist others in the world brings me immense joy. Because of this, I want to express my gratitude and say thank you.

Thorn: Unfocused

It’s incredible how much can happen in one month. The previous month was filled with new opportunities, and doors I had been waiting for a long time to open finally did. I sat on the edge of Bryce Canyon National Park, admiring the HooDoos and feeling excited about the remaining months of 2023. However, as July ends, that excitement is beginning to morph into anxiety. 

I often experience a gradual shift from feeling excited to becoming anxious, which involves deviating from my usual routine. I stop interacting on social media and lose motivation to write or generate creative ideas. Every intrusive thought that enters my mind feels like a thread being pulled from a knitted sweater. Eventually, the sweater unravels, leaving me with a pile of yarn and no protection from the elements. 


Obstacles are a part of life. Last month brought about significant changes, and it will take some time to adapt to the consequences of those decisions. The balance of starting a new routine, preparing for a new job and personal life has been a challenge. During these times, I try to live by the mantra, “Focus on what you can control.” I cannot control how others feel or their decisions, but I can control my response. As I work through my worries, I envision rebuilding a sweater, stitch by stitch, into a strong and protective armor that will empower me to move forward.


Rose: Spooky Season

It’s hard to imagine the fall season when every day in July has felt like over 100°F. As summer progresses, swimming pools seem like bathwater and beach sand feels like hot lava. But there’s hope: the bright orange light at the end of the tunnel in the shape of a jack-o-lantern signals the end of the hot, oppressive summer. With the new season approaching, it’s time to start planning for Halloween decor and costumes.

July Favorites

Eddie Bauer Departure Shirt – I am always looking for clothing that can withstand outdoor activities, like hiking, while still looking fashionable. As I begin my new job in the Wildlife Department, my closet slowly fills with dry-fit shirts and sunhats. While I enjoy being outdoors, I also value protecting myself from prolonged sun exposure. That’s why I was thrilled to discover Eddie Bauer Departure Shirts at Costco earlier this year. Initially, I only purchased one to test its durability. In true Costco form, they were sold out when I returned for more. Fortunately, they restocked this month, and I didn’t hesitate to buy two more. These shirts are not only perfect for outdoor activities, but they also fit me well without feeling too tight or boxy. 

July Blog Post Recap

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