Monthly Round-Up: Rose & Thorns – January 2021

We have officially made it through the first month of 2021! I spend most of the month scratching the number one through zeros when I write the wrong date. January is a month of purgatory. I try to look forward to the new year while trying to move on from the previous year. As my scratch through dates can attest, my brain, with leaden steps, is trying to transition into the new year as best it can. 

Rose: It’s been over six months since I’ve traveled to Knoxville. This month I took a long weekend to spend some time with Aaron. This isn’t going to sound like a fun task, but we spent a whole day purging clothes and unused items from his place; I think I missed my calling as a professional organizer. Marie Kondo would be proud of the progress we made in the office and closet areas. The following day, I happily dropped off the donations at the local thrift store (and did a little shopping while I was there). Aaron had to work most of the days I was in town, so I kept myself busy by running small errands. In the evenings, we went out to dinner and caught up on each other’s day. It almost felt like it did when we lived in the same state. Although I teased him that I felt like his personal assistant, running around town on his behalf, enjoyed the casualness of spending time together doing ordinary things. 

Oversized scarf and hat from J.Crew

Thorn: After the rush of the holiday season, I feel like I’m scrambling to find my normal rhythm in everyday life again. Productivity for most of the month was like trying to keep my head above water. I had plans and a to-dos list, but I never felt like I was getting ahead. To help alleviate this feeling, I’ve revived my weekly planner. A throw-back to my college days, filling out my goals (in glitter gel pen no less) on a calendar keeps my head from swirling. Breaking tasks down into small goals helps fend off the temptation to feel overwhelmed by the big picture. I already feel a small sense of preparedness for February; my blog posts are planned, my work schedule is back to being consistent, and I’m slowly chipping away at accomplishing those new years resolutions. 

Rose: The one thing I missed the most from 2020 is the ability to travel. Now, with the vaccine available, many people are looking forward to planning vacations; I am those people. Earlier this month, Aaron and I started planning a trip to Hawaii! We aren’t too far into the planning process; we’ve booked the airline tickets and started to look at activities and places to stay. We’re also debating whether we should hop from Oahu to the Big Island or stick to exploring Oahu. Although we aren’t traveling outside of the country, navigating the COVID requirement for traveling has been a source of anxiety. Once I experience the process, I’m hoping to be a resource for those who want to travel for spring break or the summer season. 

As I research things to do, there’s no way we’ll see it all; We’re planning for a five-day trip. If you’ve visited Hawaii before, what must-see place or activities would you recommend? 

Rose: On a total whim, I bought my Barbie-pink-glitter roller skates in February of last year. They have been my exercise of choice and excuse to get out of the house to meet with friends ever since. This month my brother decided to purchase a pair of rollerblades. So not to miss out on an opportunity for family bonding, I quickly invited him to come skate with me. Ethan has always been a natural talent when it comes to outdoor activities. In high school, he spent most of his afternoons flipping his skateboard on the patio and building ramps to launch his bike off. I thought now that we’re a bit older and I’ve had a full year of practice on my skates, I would be able to teach him a thing or two. It turns out I was wrong. It took him mere minutes to successfully stop and spin in circles along the sidewalk, yet  I’ve only recently learned how to use my wheels to come to a complete stop. Now, when we’re not sending funny pet videos to one another, our family group chat is filled with videos of us skating in our neighborhoods. Even when we’re apart, we can be together. 

The first month of 2021 is in the books. What were some of your Roses for January? Have you fully transitioned into writing the correct date on paperwork, yet? 😉

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  1. it’s so thoughtful to use rose and thorns as a metaphor for what happened recently for you, that’s genius. i agree, it has been tremendously hard to transition back into work mode or just our everyday routines once the holidays end, or any break really. I think a part of my mind is still thinking that it’s Christmas, because I keep catching myself randomly singing Jingle Bell Rock. Great post!

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