5 Home Date Night Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is on a Sunday this year, making it the perfect opportunity to plan a relaxing day with the one you love. Valentine’s day isn’t just about romantic love. Every year I feel like I find myself listening to someone rant about the validity of Valentine’s Day being a “real holiday.” I say push all of that aside and use the day as an opportunity to show anyone in your life how much you appreciate them. I plan on spending the day with Scout (my dog) watching Homeward Bound and eating pizza. If you’re looking for more concrete plans, I’ve created five ideas for an at-home Valentine’s Day. 

Make Dinner Together

I don’t know why, but pizza is always at the top of the list when I think of Valentine’s day menu options. I’m sure years of marketing heart-shaped pizzas has something to do with it. If you’re looking for a more hands-on approach, why not make fresh pizza at home. Most grocery stores have pizza dough in the bakery section. Or, If you are handy around the kitchen (and have the time), you can always prepare your own dough. Your imagination is the limit when it comes to toppings; did I hear goat cheese with honey, arugula, and pears? Think outside of the box. Maybe even turn your pizza-making skills into a competition. The winner gets pizza and bragging rights. 

If pizza is a bit too simple, many grocery stores have meal kits for two. These are easy to make, with minimal prep time. In most cases, the chopping is done for you. Just heat and eat!

Order Dinner In

Cooking isn’t everyone’s forte. On a day centered around spending time with someone you love, washing pots and pans isn’t the most romantic thing to do. Ordering dinner from a local restaurant is a hassle-free way to ensure dinner is delicious and on time. In some areas, it may not be possible to dine-in at your favorite local restaurant. So, support local businesses by ordering your favorite meals-to-go and enjoy them from the comfort of your sofa, watching The Notebook for the tenth time. No cooking skills are needed to prepare this meal. Everyone can order exactly what they want for the evening without tearing up over a cutting board because you got emotional cutting an onion.

Mask and Movies

I love a good face mask. It doesn’t matter if it’s a paper mask that makes you look like Jason from Friday the 13th or a pore refining clay mask to slather all over your face. Freshly washed hair, a face mask, and a movie is my idea of relaxing. Let’s also take a minute to stress that skincare is for everyone. Sure, it’s typically marketed toward women, but skincare is just as crucial for men. I don’t want my significant other to wrinkle up like a raisin prematurely. I suggest taking this opportunity to introduce a non-masker to the delight of hydrated and soft skin.

Favorite Face Masks – HERE, HERE, & HERE

Favorite Sheet Masks – HERE, HERE, & HERE

Picking a movie to watch can be an uphill task. Que, what do you want to watch; I don’t know what do you want to watch, in an endless loop. Aaron and I always watch a scary movie. We’re anti-romance as a big middle finger to the day dedicated to romantic comedies. During quarantine last year, I created the “movie jar” to decide the fate of which movie to enjoy on any given night. Each person can choose three movie options to place in the jar, then agree to watch the film selected. Slap a mask on, the role the film, and settle into a relaxing night of self-care.  

Mask and movies for Valentine's day.

Plan a Dream Vacation

There no time to plan for the future, like the present. Currently, travel isn’t as trouble-free as it once was. When the blessed day to travel unrestricted does come, where do you want to go? Create a top three travel wish list. Make plans to see the pyramids or eat lunch by the Eiffel Tower. Make a visual reminder by making a vision board to represent your travel goals. Planing the small steps towards your goals will eventually lead you to the path of achieving them. 

At home 5 Home Date Night Ideas for Valentine's Day

I created an RV road trip during quarantine last year (That post can be found HERE). I took time to map the different legs of the tip and activities to do along the way. One of these days, I’ll dust it off and set out on an adventure. Until then, I’ll continue walking around in Google maps street view and pretend I’m walking the streets of Roam. 

Ask Each Other Questions

No, I’m not talking about asking what you want for dinner or what movie to watch. I’m talking about more profound questions like, “If a crystal ball could tell you the truth about yourself, your life, the future, or anything else, what would you want to know?” I came across a New York Times article, “36 Questions that Lead to Love.” The idea behind asking these questions allows you to open yourself to vulnerability, which fosters closeness and bonding. As I was reading through the questions, I could see how answering them truthfully would, in some cases, be similar to sharing a secret. It doesn’t matter if this is your first Valentine’s day with your partner or your twentieth year, you can still learn things from answering these questions. 

I hope everyone has a fantastic Valentine’s Day! Remember, it’s a day to celebrate love and show those close in your life you care about them. At the very least, celebrating with a heart-shaped pepperoni pizza counts as a valentine too!

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