Best Travel Themed Gifts For Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be all about flowers and candy. If your partner or Galantine is obsessed with traveling, I’ve curated some creative travel-themed gift ideas any globetrotting nomad would love to receive for Valentine’s Day.


1. Passport Holders

Passport holders are a must for anyone traveling abroad. They protect your passport from damage and hold other essential documents such as Global Entry ID, credit cards, Driver’s License, and extra cash. A passport holder will keep you organized while traveling, especially since things can become missed placed in carry-on bags so easily. You and your partner or bestie can get matching passport wallets for an added bonus.

2. Travel and Scratch Map

I bought Aaron one of these scratch-off travel maps when we started dating. Each time we travel to a new state or country, we excitedly get to reveal the rainbow of color below the gold foil. These maps came in different sizes depending on your travel focuses. You can choose between a global map or a map of the United States. Either way, it’s a fun post-travel activity and wall art to display in your home. 


3. Photo Album Scrapbook

Scrapbooks come in many different forms. I like to use Google photos to make memory books as gifts. They are easily created using pictures stored with Google Photos and personalized specifically to the people you intend to gift. I’ve made many of these for Aaron recapping the highlights of our trips over the years. With everything becoming digital, it’s nice to see photos printed and displayed in a custom and thoughtful way.


4. Personalized Luggage Tags

If you think you could never possibly leave your carry-on in the overhead bin before exiting an aircraft, trust me when I say it is possible. I have seen it happen multiple times. Personalized luggage tags are a great way to ensure your forgetful loved ones can have their bags returned to them.

5. Snacks From Around The World

I love this gift idea if your favorite thing about travel is the food. These snack boxes can be tailored by country and whether you want it to be sweet or savory. Trying all of the snacks would make a fun valentines date night if you were planning on staying in for the night. 

*If you are looking for additional ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day at home, I created Five Ideas for an at-home Valentine’s Day last year. Check it out!


6. Message In A Bottle

If your partner’s love language is words of affirmation, this is their gift. Taking the time to write your thoughts and feelings lasts longer than the fleeting seconds they linger in the air after they are spoken. This may be a stretch for a gift to use while traveling, but a message in a bottle is a long-time romantic theme of trying to communicate with faraway lovers. Paired with a treasure map to find it, this is dripping with potential for a fun date night.


7. Custom Coordinate Print

I love the idea of displaying the latitude and longitude of a special place in a home. It’s like a secrete code; a guest may not know the site or significance just by looking at it. Other creative custom prints display maps with short descriptions of the event creatively written below. In both cases, these modern art pieces are specific to a person and show fondness of the time travel traveled together. 

8. Keepsake Adventure Box

Have you ever come home from a trip with brochures, hotel key cards, business cards from an artisan shop, or small trinkets that don’t have a place to display in your home? A keepsake adventure box is perfect for storing those odds and ends that flood your brain with endorphins from your past vacations. This box will not only unlock those memories but also look stylish displayed on a coffee table or a bookshelf. 

I hope you found these travel-themed gift ideas helpful for the loved one in your life. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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