Monthly Round-Up: Rose & Thorns – January 2022

January Rose & Thorns – A lookback at the highs and lows of the month.

Rose: 1st Day on the New Job

It may be the last day of the month, but it’s my first day at my new job today. To say I’m excited is an understatement. This has been an airport I’ve always dreamed about working for but never felt like I was ready or worthy of being a part of such a world class organization. 

Reaching this point is a full-circle moment. When I started my career in airport management I worked at a comparatively small airport and they couldn’t hire me full time. I worked seven days a week between two jobs to make ends meet. By some stroke of luck, I was selected for an interview at the very airport I’m starting at today. The interview was awful. It was my first-panel interview, and I was woefully underprepared and underqualified. As you can probably guess, I didn’t get the job. 


A year passed, and I was eventually hired full-time at my once part-time airport position, and I dropped my second job. It wasn’t long before I felt I had gained the experience I needed to move onto a slightly bigger airport with more opportunities, and so I did Again, I felt like the small fish, wondering if I would ever learn the ins and outs of a larger airport. Working with passengers and other tenants in the terminal could be stressful at times but not knowing what each day had in store was part of the thrill. Going to work never felt like work; I made friends with everyone, so even on the tough days, I felt like I built a team of people I could rely on to get me through the day. 

Three years passed I could run the airport blindfolded. I didn’t feel unhappy at the time of my leaving; I felt unchallenged. The opportunity presented itself to apply for Tampa, and I jumped all over it. Today, in the very early hours of the morning, I met with my new boss, who quickly toured me around and allowed me to pick which desk I wanted. I felt like a puppy rescued from a shelter when I asked if we shared desks with other team members, and I was told no, this was all mine. I could have cried. There were several moments where I felt overwhelmed and in disbelief that I had finally made it. 

I tell this long story because so many people are working towards goals that seem out of reach. Looking back, I’m grateful I didn’t get the job when I first applied. I wouldn’t have the confidence and the knowledge I have today if I didn’t take the detour. I would have also missed meeting all the amazing people at my previous job. The lesson learned is if you’re feeling defeated or discouraged, remember, this current phase isn’t forever. The tides come in, and the tides go out. The path towards a goal is rarely straight, and the journey is half the fun. 


Thorn: Flat Tire

Getting a flat tire was such a debacle. I furiously wrote a whole blog post about my recent misfortune while waiting for the shop to replace my tire. It was an inconvenience, but the silver lining was I had the time to address the issue the same day. There was also a learning moment, always get the warranty; it didn’t cost me more than $30 to replace the tire. 


Favorites of the Month

Garmin Venu 2S Fitness Smart WatchThis watch has changed the game when it comes to tracking my runs. At the beginning of the year, I erased my running stats and started with my Garmin watch. No more running along the sidewalk trying to wiggle my phone from my pocket to check my stats. I can easily monitor my pace and heartrate with a glance at my wrist. 

January Rose and thorns favorites - Garmin Venu 2S

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