Top 5 Blog Posts for 2022

The end of the year is the best time to see how far you’ve grown and focus on the accomplishments achieved over the past 365 days. I love end-of-the-year roundups. Whether it’s a Spotify music review or an Instagram Reel with a curated collection of highlighted photos, I watch them all. 

When I pulled this year’s top 5 blog posts, I was shocked by the variety of posts my readers clicked on. I have always tried to keep various subjects in the rotation throughout the year, and this year’s top five perfectly reflect the topics I enjoyed creating for my readers. I am so grateful that I have created a community with similar interests. Thank you for reading!

5. Fall In Love With Honeymoon Island State Park

Many locals hide from tourists during the summer months in Honeymoon Island State Park. Not only is it the perfect place to relax as the water meets the pristine white sand, but Honeymoon Island also has a beach just for your furry four-legged friend. Arguably the most adorable sunbathers are at Pet Beach. This stretch of coast is one of the rare beaches in Florida, allowing dogs to enjoy the sun and sand with the whole family. Although they must remain on a six-foot leash, dogs can socialize and cool their paws in the refreshing beach waters.

Honeymoon Island offers bike and kayak rentals to enjoy while exploring the island. As a bonus, visitors can hop aboard the Caladesi Island Ferry, where you can hike, kayak through the mangroves, and view the island from the Caladesi Discovery Center.

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4. Florida Farm Spotlight: Cow Creek Farm

This year I started the Florida Farm Spotlight series to highlight working farms in Florida providing food in our local grocery stores with a focus on agrotourism to educate the public. I’m a firm believer in supporting local farmers by purchasing local produce while also providing a platform to highlight the variety of farms in Florida. 

I visited five Florida farms this year with varying types of agricultural focuses. My visit to Cow Creek Farm in Plant City, Florida, was the most popular. Not only making it into the Top 5 list for the year, but I received many messages and comments with questions on my visit throughout the year. It’s not hard to see why this farm is so popular. The tickets to see the beautiful long-haired Highland Cows sell out each time ticket sales open. The farm is only open for tours during the fall and spring when the weather is cool. The best way to snag a ticket is to follow the Cow Creek Farm Instagram. All available weekend tours are announced on their page. 

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3. A One Day Itinerary: Exploring Tarpon Springs

This was a spontaneous day trip with zero planning. Sometimes the best days exploring a town are unscripted. I was absorbed into two girls’ trips, spent time on the water learning about the history of Tarpon Springs, and ended the day at Tarpon Springs Distillery. I couldn’t have planned a more adventurous day. 

If you do need an itinerary or just want to read about my experience, links to the full blog post is below:

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2. DIY: Modern Wood Slat Door

Building this door was the most meaningful DIY project I did this year. Every time I go into my bathroom, I’m still impressed with myself for creating this from scratch. The biggest takeaways from this project were to measure twice (or three) times and cut once, don’t let other opinions cloud your vision, and you don’t need a woodworking shop (or woodworking skills) to create this project (this was mostly constructed in my tiny condo). If I can do it, so can you!

Step-by-step instructions and links to the full blog post below:

Cover photo to the full blog post: DIY Modern Wood Slat Door.

1. DIY: IKEA Entryway Makeover

This IKEA Entryway Makeover was on my New Year’s resolutions list for 2022. It was also the first big DIY project I tackled inside my condo. When I read this blog post, I can still feel the pain in my back from the hours of painting these cabinets. This project taught me the importance of adapting to unforeseen issues, like a wavy wall and a missing carpet. I’m happy to report that almost a year later, this project has held up beautifully. Not only is it less bulky than the previous cabinet, but it also adds the perfect pop of color as you walk through the front door. This project taught me the importance of adapting to unforeseen issues, like a wavy wall and a missing carpet. 

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